The Framing Shop on the Corner

Some good friends own a framing shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho called Forever Stitching and Framing. They are friendly people and have done a beautiful job with several pictures we needed framed. 

Yesterday, they got a very threatening letter from another local framing shop called The Framing Corner (link). Apparently, they think they have a trademark on the word “corner” and said that if Forever Stitching and Framing use the phrase “on the corner” in any of their advertisements, they’ll get sued. This makes it difficult since Forever Stitching and Framing is on the corner. A very prominent corner in fact. 

The letter also stated that if any of the pictures in the front window at Forever Stitching and Framing are tilted they’ll get sued. (Evidently they believe they have trademarked a tilted frame as well.) Come on geniuses, everyone knows that you can’t trademark something that’s obvious or generic. 

I have never understood why businesses think they have to take these predatory measures in order to succeed. If they just spent more time improving their product and less time visiting with their lawyer, they might actually succeed of their own merit (not to mention, they wouldn’t have to charge as much). And yes, I know people who have gotten their pictures framed at the Framing Corner and the quality was… less than optimal. 

While we’re on the subject of “intellectual property”, it’s also interesting to note that the Framing Corner’s logo itself includes what appears to be an arm taken from Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. (rolls eyes)