Google Has Code Snippets?

I just ran across this search results page on Google and happened to notice the “Code Snippet” section. Has that always been there? I know Google has been testing some new “Search Refinement Features” lately, is this one of them, or have I just never noticed it before?

Google Code Snippet

Have Google always included "Code Snippets" in their SERPs?

UPDATE: Yes, Danny Sullivan notified me that Google has included Code Snippets since at least last year.

6 Ways to Cut Costs (& Boost Business) in a Tough Economy

You’ve no doubt heard about the economic turmoil all around us. Maybe the recession is hitting your business particularly hard. While there’s nothing we can do to fix the economy, here are some ideas you can implement today that will help you cut costs and save big bucks.

6. Make Friends with a Competitor

You’ve been in business long enough to know that you can’t please everyone. And why would you want to? There are some customers out there who just wouldn’t be a good fit to work with your company. But guess what… some other business is a great fit. And that’s okay. Because most of your customers wouldn’t be a good fit with their company.

Now that we’ve clarified that, working with the competition becomes a great opportunity. If you’re too expensive for some clients, refer them to someone less expensive. If you don’t offer exactly the service someone is looking for, tell them who does. You’ll quickly realize that you’re spending less time dealing with frustrated clients, and more time with the profitable ones. And what’s more, your competitors will start sending customers to you. It’s all about building good karma. Cost = FREE

5. Accept Payment Online

Do you offer online payment to your clients? If not, you probably should be. These days, people expect to be able to pay with their credit card. And they don’t trust letting that card out of their site. Offering online payment options through a reputable provider makes your business that much easier to work with. And the best part is, it’s not that difficult. Just 15 minutes to set up an account with PayPal or Google Checkout and you’ll be ready to accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover.

Your customers can feel safe that you won’t ever have access to their card, and you can rest easy knowing that nobody can break into your office and steal valuable information. Cost = FREE

4. Stop Mailing Invoices

How much time does your receptionist spend printing/folding/stuffing/addressing/mailing invoices each month? How much money do you spend on postage? paper? envelopes? Is tracking down late payments sucking up time that you could be using to make money? Enough is enough!

There are a mountain of companies that can automate your invoicing process including: Zoho Invoice (my personal preference), Invoice Journal (my 2nd favorite), FreshBooks, and Blinksale. These products take all the complication out of billing your clients.

For example with Zoho:

  • Just click on “Create a New Invoice”
  • Choose a client and the service performed
  • Verify the correct amount
  • Click “Save and Send”.

An invoice will be emailed to your client along with a link to make a secure payment via PayPal. If they forget to pay, a reminder will automatically be sent to them later. Zoho shows you at a glance how much you’ve invoiced, how much you’ve collected, and how much is still outstanding. Cost = FREE to send a few invoices; up to $35/month to send a lot of invoices.

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LinkedIn Adds Applications

LinkedIn has long been called Facebook for Business. Well it just stepped a little bit closer. On October 28, 2008 LinkedIn added applications. Fortunately, these aren’t useless time wasters like most of Facebook’s applications. Most of them actually add some interesting functionality. For example, one application connects your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress Blog. Another lets you embed presentations into your profile. 

(I wonder how long it will be until we hear about someone getting fired because they posted a company presentation that was only meant for internal use.)

Your Home Page Is Ugly

Here’s a little food for thought

You make sure to dress up nicely for work every day. If you’re a retail business, you probably make sure there is a dress code that ensures your employees look presentable. Your store is probably cleaner than your bedroom at home, and you pay good money for letterhead and business cards so your company looks professional. 

So why oh why do so many businesses scrimp on their websites? Why do you spend heaps of money trying to make your company appear professional, and but you only want to spend $400 on a web site? Don’t you realize that’s where many of your potential customers will get their first impression of you. 

Is your home page ugly? If so, clean it up… for the company’s sake.

A new Top-Level-Domain (TLD)?

Okay, I’m an internet junkie and I usually hear about stuff like this but this one took me by surprise. I was watching TV a couple of weeks ago and saw an ad tempting people to visit Utah. At the end of the ad it said, “Visit us at ‘‘.”

What?! Who’s ever heard of .travel? Have I been sleeping or what? I’ve seen sites that use foreign country codes in odd ways ( but this is actually a whole new top-level-domain.
My 30 second search found ‘‘, ‘‘ (under construction), ‘‘, ‘‘ (forwards to ‘’), ‘‘, and ‘‘. This is a seriously underused TLD.

What other ‘.travel’ sites are you familiar with? What other top-level-domains are out there that I’ve never heard of?