Google Shuts Down Notebook, Jaiku, and More

I just read that Google has decided to shut down a handful of unpopular (or unprofitable) services. These include Jaiku, Notebook, Google Video, Dodgeball and Mashup Editor

Jaiku will is already in the process of being ported over to the Google App Engine and will live on as an open source project (though it will no longer be managed by Google). 

Google Notebook will continue to function (though it’s unclear how long) for current users but the browser bookmarklet will be disabled. New users will not be able to create accounts. 

Google Video has long taken a back seat to YouTube (another Google property). I don’t think too many people will be sad to see it go. 

Google Dodgeball was intended as a “mobile social networking service that lets you share your location with friends via text message”. (Why you can’t just text your friends directly, I don’t know.) It will be completely shut down though a timeframe has yet to be established. 

Google Mashup Editor, similar in functionality and purpose to Yahoo! Tubes, will be shut down in 6 months. Authors are encouraged to move their projects over to the Google App Engine

The closing of all of these projects/services begs the question, what will be the fate of other less popular, less profitable Google services such as Knol (a Wikipedia clone)or GrandCentral (a universal phone number and voicemail system)?

How do you feel about these services being shut down? Do you use any of them? Will you miss them?